Deejay Kulet Unveil Her Story With Albument had a wonderful time as our latest guest speaks on her life and career. She pours herself out like never before. She talks of the ugly part and the beautiful part of her journey to stardom.

Kudirat gbemisola salami will probably not spark; but she is the same popular disc jockey---DJ KULET.

DJ Kulet as fondly called, is also a devout Christian who described herself as deejaykulet belonging to JESUS CHRIST.

Gbemisola was born and raised in Lagos State – Nigeria; her root is from Ede in Osun State. A graduate of Grace polytechnic, where she studied Business Administration. She grew up with her grandma as a result of the split with her parents.

· How did you start your career as a DJ?

I will say I love dancing. I just love dancing. My career as a DJ started with DJ50 in surulere. I got in contact with him because I love to dance. I wanted him to take me with him whenever he goes for event so I can go and dance. It was from there that my career as a DJ started.

· The 28 year old who turns 29 this year was asked how she rates the social media since she was discovered through it.

GOD used the social media for me. It was from there that DJ TEE discovered me in 2015; and he groomed me to the next level professionally.

· Though you play every genre of music, but most people started noticing you because you play and dance mostly to fuji music.

I love every genre of music but I enjoy Fuji music. Many believe that it is for the elderly; but I decided to put myself in it - as no female DJ in the world does what I do with fuji music. It’s music with meaning.

· As a Christian who believe in Jesus Christ and say it, how can you describe your relationship with GOD and benefits?

I have realized that whatever you do, you need to submit to GOD. I let him know that he is the CEO of my business. I always put GOD first.

· How did you come up with the name DJ Kulet and your Intro: go girl?

A cousin of mine gave me the name kulet, that was before I became a DJ. When i started as a DJ, it was difficult to find a name, so I adopted kulet - which is from my name Kudi. I did the gingle myself. It’s my secret, as I intend to use it as a question and answer. It’s not go girl like people think. it’s actually goal gal. I don’t know why I am telling you.

· There was a time you are not known; but now a lot of people call you DJ Kulet here and there. How can you describe the transition from unknown to popular?

When I was not known, money was not coming in (laughs). People will tell you to do things free. Now, I am a brand and I can’t do things anyhow. I can’t wear slippers around and do things as before. It also makes me look forward to doing new things and be more creative in my work.

· Do you have people who you are training?

Yes I have.

· As a graduate of higher school of learning, do see yourself continuing in disc jockey or would you drop it for other career in the future?

I would not drop disc jockey for anything in the world, except the Holy Spirit tells me.

· If not a DJ, what would you have ventured into?

Maybe a dancer.

· You now have a lot of fans and admirers, how do you feel?

I feel so blessed. Fans all over the world.

· Have you been harassed by men before?

When I was still in the world, I was raped by 3 men in surulere; that was before my DJ Career started. It was my fault - because of the people I moved with then.

· How do you cope with male admirers?

A lot of men come in great numbers. Is it single, married and divorced men. If I open my DM to you, it will surprise you. I use wisdom. Some come with genuine purpose, while others come around just to brag that I have dated DJ kulet before.

· Would you say you arrive too quickly to the scene (In terms of fame) or you are long overdue?

2008 till now is more than a decade, so I am long overdue.

· What is it that people don’t really know about you or you feel you want the public to know about you?

People don’t know that I don’t drink neither do I smoke. I am not that party person. People believe you are to go out a lot because you are in the entertainment business. I like to be indoor; that is not to say I don’t go out.

· What are your plans for the future?

To inspire women out there and also to groom others.

· What do you do when you are not working?

I am usually at home, researching on oldies music.

· Thanks for your time, Album wishes you the best.

Thank you.