•Before Project fame who is Isaac geralds and where is he from?
Isaac geralds is a random boy. 4th child of four children. Isaac geralds is just a regular boy next door before project fame and after project fame. Even right now, I don’t have paparazzi around me. The only time I am different is when I am on stage- aside that, I am just a random person. I am from delta, I am an half cast. My mum is from Ijebu and my dad from Delta.
•How did you come with your slogan I am Music?
I like to embody everything that involves creative art/ music and so the simplicity of music, the love that music brings is who I want to represent- so look at everything music is, you try to see it in my life-so I am music.
•So do you play any musical instrument?
Yes, I play the drum and I play it very well.
•Who is the brain behind the video of your song fall in love?
I met this video director guy, his name is “I focus” I just got back from South Africa then and we met and he said he likes the song. He said he has an idea of how the video should look like and I asked him what is your idea and he told me and what he had in mind was exactly what I had in mind. I told him, you know what let do this and we did.
•What makes you different from other artist?
First of all is that I do like music, I like live performances. My music tell story, there is Ijebu girl, fall in love. I had a live performance on 1 Mic 9ja and I was on stage for 45 min and it was really fun- nobody complained. So I think my live music performance capability is a real plus to who I am as a person. Another thing that makes me different is that I am chubby.
•What is it that people don’t know about you or maybe there is a misconception?
Yeah, there is a misconception that Isaac geralds is proud. So for people who think so, I say sorry dear, there is a huge difference between having a good sense of self esteem and being proud. I like myself, I like the way I look, and I am a very friendly person. I am very humble, that I can tell you. People think I am proud but I am not. I have had people who have come to me before and said you are not what people think you are.
•You have done so many songs but I am just going to direct your attention to these 3: fall in love, Shakara and No 1. Out of these 3 which one stands out for you?
Right now, I am feeling Shakara the more because it is what people can relate with.
•Well, No 1 seems to be a great one. Though it is old but it a song with a difference especially with the video. Are you not planning a remix?
Yeah the song was done by Dj klem and people have been saying I should do a remix. I spoke with an artist and I will not say who yet but surely a remix of No 1 is coming up soon.
•Your new song with Tiwa Savage “Just in case” is incredible. I have listened to it though the video is not yet out. The single is really wow. Now, who brought who together, who is owner of the lyrics and who did the sound?
First of all, I wrote the song and when I was writing the song I had Tiwa Savage on my mind because she fits the description. So I hit the studio with Mr. Musa and then we did the beat and everything and I recorded my part and then we reached out to Tiwa and she humbly did what she had to do and it was absolutely amazing; I totally love that song. For me, just in case it is one of those classic that will outlive me, you know when I do music, I like to do songs that people way after me will be able to relate with.
•What inspires you to sing and write?
Everything inspires me. First of all, God is my major source of inspiration. Everything I see, everything around me inspires me. Story from people inspires me too. People say oh your songs are all about stories, did they all happen to you. NO. The only song that I have personal relationship or I can say something like that happened to me is the song with Tiwa Savage “Just in case”. Every other song has been born out of my imagination.
•How do you psyche up yourself when you want to perform and something turns you off?
I do not like to put myself in a box before I perform. There is never a time I go on stage without praying. I pray a lot.
•Have any one ever talked you down when you initially started?
A lot of people have talked me down. Well, I use to have a regular job before project fame and when project fame called I quit my job. My job is the kind of job that 1 out of 10,000 Nigerian have. I always knew music is what I wanted to do and I was looking for the perfect excuse and when the right opportunity came I left my job. Everybody said all manner of things including my family. The truth about it is, people will say all manner of things; they will make you feel you don’t know what you are doing-but at the end of the day it is not people that called you. You have to know who called you and stay with the person that called you. My key question every day is that I’m i still on track? As far as I am still on track, I am okay. A lot of people have talked me down but there are people who have encourage me too. People even tell me to do popular songs- songs that people can relate with. I always tell them- that is not me. Even when I get discourage as a result of not getting the result I wanted, I always go back to God’s word and I get lifted up.
•What is your acceptance like?
It is very massive. See, I get encourage by people I look up to. Imagine walking into a place and you see an icon and you are trying to introduce yourself and the person say to you: I know you.
•Who do you admire most among your colleague in terms of their creativity?
Tiwa Savage, that is because she always pushes herself. I like her voice too. I also like Banky W because he tries to do so many things. He wants to rap, he wants to do that.
•What about stage performance?
I give it to the Dbanj. Dbanj because he interacts with people and he always try to come up with something new.
•Which artist will you like to have collaboration with?
The two people I wanted, I have already did it with them. Tiwa Savage and M I.
•M I, how will it flow. M I is fast and you are smooth and cool singer. How did it go and when is it coming out?
One thing people don’t know about Isaac geralds is that don’t put me in a box. If you do, you get disappointed. It is not like what anybody thinks. As a matter of fact I can hear the song in my head right now. I hope people will like it as much as I do.
•What will you like to say to your fans?
I don’t want to have fans but friends. So, I don’t see fans as fans but as friends. I am grateful to them for their support.