The Story Behind Famzy Music


Who is Famzy (Brief Intro)

Famakin Michael is a Musical Artiste, Creative Director, Cinematographer and CEO at RAAC. He is from Osun State, born and lives in Lagos. He has many songs to his credit, though not yet known as it were. But, he is a guy who is full of energy just like many Nigerian Artiste. He caught the eye of Album during his lead performance at the Youth Program of The Redeemed Christian Church Of GOD.

After his performance, his acceptance was more positive. Asked how he felt about it, he described it as a normal performance for him, but that which he has prepared for. He didn't see himself different, as he see himself as an artiste who is still growing.

2, Your songs come with the Fuji flavor, do you have a Fuji background or you just enjoy the way Fuji music sound?

He said though he has lived in Mushin before, which is a place known for their roots (fuji music) and love for fuji music, but he did not have a friend around, as they stayed in the posh area of the place (Adeoyo). He said he just find himself singing that way.

3, One can also mistaken you for Mike Abdul, you sound at times like him when you sing.

He said he doesn't sound at times like him, he said he sound most time like him. He recall when the song KOREDE came out from Mike Abdul, he said he was one of the first that did the cover song. He said that most of his friends taught the song was his. Though he said he has met Mike before in Ikorodu, he still hope to meet and talk with him. He said Mike and Kenny K'ore are among his mentor, though he believes his message his different.

4, Do you have any original songs out already?

Yes. Over 20. But not all is released. But he said he doesn't see himself as an artiste that has officially released a song, because he is not yet a known artist. He said though he has some songs that can be listen to online.

5, You recently did a studio praise performance with Bidemi Olaoba. The songs you sang were exact same as the ones during the youth convention, was that your idea or his? His Idea.

6, Who are your mentors and role models?
JESUS. Musically, Shiloh Malaika(Opeyemi), I like his music, then Kenny K'ore and Mike Abdul.

7, Do you play any musical instruments?
   YES. For any professional artiste, it should be mandatory to play at least one Instrument. For me, I play any Instrument under percussion. I have an academy that teaches people.

8, What is your plan for this year (2023)?

FamzyMusic wants to come out strong. I have video and song that I am working on. There will be more collaboration this year and a lot of Praise Party. Stay tune to our social media handles.

All the best. Thank you.