AISA Collaborating with EFCC TO Refund Advance Funds Paid For Yahaya Bello's Children

While many could feel this is a case that would soon be forgotten and nothing will be heard of it again, the EFCC is not leaving any stone unturned in a bid to get Yahaya Bello arrested and money looted back .

The Commission have traced funds in excess transferred to the school of the children of Bello -The American International School of Abuja (AISA). Bello has paid the school money in advance of terms not yet fulfilled and even more. EFCC has herby told the School to refund the extra funds.

His children are in grade level 2 to 8 in the school as reported.

The school has responded back to the commission in a letter addressed to the Lagos zonal commander of the EFCC. The school said the sum of $845,852 has been paid in tuition “since the 7th of September 2021 to date”.

AISA said the sum to be refunded is $760,910, because it had deducted educational services needed for the children.

In the letter the school wrote:

“Please forward to us an official written request, with the authentic banking details of the EFCC, for the refund of the above-mentioned funds as previously indicated as part of your investigation into the alleged money laundering activities by the Bello family,” the letter reads.

“Since the 7th September 2021 to date, $845,852.84 (Eight Hundred and Forty Five Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty Two US Dollars and eighty four cents) in tuition and other fees has been deposited into our Bank account.

“We have calculated the net amount to be transferred and refunded to the State, after deducting the educational services rendered as $760,910.84. (Seven Hundred and Sixty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ten US Dollars and Eighty Four cents).

“No further additional fees are expected in respect of tuition as the students’ fees have now been settled until they graduate from ASIA.”

The school said it will draw the attention of the anti-graft agency if there are any further deposits by the Bello family.

In a statement signed by Greg Hughes, AISA also said “Ali Bello contacted the school on Friday 13 August 2021 requesting to pay the family school fees in advance until the students graduate from High School”.

The EFCC has since declared Bello wanted, with the NIS placing the ex-governor on a watch list.