Irresistible & Uncontrollable Rain

 RAIN RAIN RAIN ---Who is Rain?
My real name is Abimbola Adebanjo a gospel artist and i have been around for a while now. I am just rain; I am just me (Laughs).
How did you come up with the name Rain?
Well i believe everyone has a native name that was switched to English name. So, Rain in yoruba language is O J o. Rain on its own too has a meaning for me and it is  Renew Anointing In Nations.
What is the Inspiration behind the meaning of the name?
It is from reading God's word and i asked God what name i could use for my ministry and he spoke to me and since then the name has made way for me.
How did you start singing?
I started singing at a tender age. I started by listen to Barister, Kolligton and Salawa Abeni, Kayode fashola and Haruna Ishola. I have been singing since primary school and when i moved into secondary school, i switched to English songs like Boys to Men, Brandy, Monica, Michael Jackson and Majek Fashek and then i became born again and God started using me. I have been able to serve several Nigerian gospel artists; among them are: Mike Aremu, Ibitayo jeje, David G, Kenny Saint Brown, Segun Obe, and Samsong. I have been fortunate to share stage with some of them.
What is your job role with the artist you worked with?
With segun obe, I was his P A and back up artist at the same time. I was Kenny Saint Brown P A, band manager and back up artist. For Ibitayo Jeje, i was his back up and band leader. David G, i was his P A, back up and band manager.
When did you start singing professionally?
I started on my own: i think 2005 or 2007. The last person i did backed up with was i think Kenny Saint Brown or David G before he released (I trust in you). I think it was after Turn me around by KSB, i was in that song, i wrote part of it, i did back up and i was the one that sang the last verse of the song. Well she is my mother (laugh) I mean she has been telling everybody that Rain is my first born in the industry.
When did you come up with your first single?
That was 2012. I could remember then i was still with KSB when i released my first single. I remember that it was when infinity of Olori Oko came out. I think my song was 2 weeks older than Olori Oko because we did our songs in the same studio. My first single is Ojumo. Ojumo video and song gave me two awards at Nigeria gospel and National gospel award.
Surely there have been challenges from 2012 because of a lot of things. So what has inspired you to move on and not quit?
I just resolved within myself that many artists have gone through this and if they did not give up- i will not give up. I choose not to give up on my dream and not to give up on myself.
Can we talk about who and what has encouraged or discourage you?
It was my late Mum. She prayed for me and she means a lot to me. In fact we wrote the song Ojumo together. My Mum encouraged me as well as Chris Shalom. I would not want to mention my father's side because there are not of my faith. They disengaged totally from my calling. I was disowned for like 7- 10 years. There was a little bit of reconciliation when he saw my interviews in the Nigerian dailies. 
Apart from your Mum that encouraged you, do you have any mentor? 
Yes, i have four of them. Bishop Marvin Sapp, he wrote a lot of songs and to me he is a legend. I love my mum Kim Burrell, i had the privilege to back up for her when she came to Nigeria to perform at a Redeem church on the Island. Sammy Okposo welu welu master. I love that bros so so so much. Soji Israel, we talk almost every day- he is in U S now, in fact after my Mum, he is the next person. He tells me Rain, i believe so much in you.
Do you play any Musical Instrument?
Yes, I play Drum very well and a little bit of keyboard.
People who know you and then see you perform will wonder where you got your zeal and strength from.
(Laughs) Well in this body, there is Rain and there is Abimbola. Even my Mum before she passed on once said: I am i sure i gave birth to you because there was a time when my Mum told her pastor that she has a son who sings gospel and the pastor said i should come and minister. I was given 20 min to perform but after i started i was told to continue and i ministered for 2 hours. My Mum was shocked with my performance. It is God.
How many songs do you have now?
Almost 25-30.
Why did you choose music; there's a lot of things you could have done- why music?
I actually wanted to work in a bank and do music at the same time-but God has a way of doing things. I started with circular songs and changed to gospel after i became born again; i then started performing in church and people gave Testimony under my ministration.
What has been people's feedback about you?
I am not proud but if you have me to perform, you will call me back again- my manager can testify to this. Not because of whom i am but the Grace of God. Something we definitely happen under my ministration. I want you to see God and not me. I want God to speak and not myself.
You just signed for a wonderful record label. Lavolta Entertainment. How has it been?
It was God that made it happen. For me, I don’t see them as a record label; i see them as a family. I just joined not too long and i have been enjoying what they are doing. They are spending money oo (Laughs). I believe in their project.  
What do you have to say to your fans?
You all are my friends and families because you support me, listen to my songs, you watch my videos and follow me on the social media platform. Don’t give up on your dream; hold on to it- whatever you are going through is just a stepping stone to where God is taking you to. Don’t give up until you win. The bible says: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Expect more from me and Lavolta Entertainment that God is taking us high and we will take you there with God praise and worship. Watch out all over the world.