White alone town in Africa

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While it could be documented that South Africa is free from racism and they now control their own country - Including a black president, the white skin people still run things there. 

Some Certain high numbers of White skin People have settled in an area named Eureka.
Image result for northern capeEureka is a new settlement that is on the rise in the Northern Cape and its founder is promising a free 1 000 square metre piece of land to any (white) South African who wants to help “fight against the uprooting of the white race”.

The founder name is: Adriaan Alettus Nieuwoudt, who describes himself as the official co-ordinator of the Eureka Movement of South Africa.
Main while the EFF who describe Adriaan as a racist, has condemned the new all white settlement. 
According to Lechuti of the EFF:

“We believe that our rights and fight against racial discrimination have been violated by such a proclamation. South Africa has experienced several racial attacks, especially the Northern Cape where people are still treated unfairly due to the colour of their skin. We are currently fighting the Orania debacle where whites want to exclude other races from parts of society.

We believe that Nieuwoudt is busy fuelling divisions among the citizens of this Province and that should not be allowed under the democratic South Africa. We should remember that whites are not the only ones facing challenges such as crime, corruption and non-service delivery,
As the EFF we are advocating for equality, and cannot allow white privileges to advance while the majority of black people are still without land. We commit to our members and citizens of this Province that if this motion finds expression in the white community, they must expect that our black people will also occupy that 1 000 square metres of land too.
We all remember that Nieuwoudt was once sequestrated and sentenced to nine years in jail but only spent one year in jail. Our Northern Cape people should be aware of this self-focused individual who is aiming to rob our people with lies.
The EFF will continue to advocate and advance for land expropriation without compensation for equal redistribution”.