Sowore Joins NANS’ Protest For ASUU Strike At Lagos Airport(Picture and Video)


The NANS have made good their promise to halt the operation of the Airport by blocking the road that leads to the air-space.

There are heavy police presence but yet did not scare away the determined students.

Sowore who is also a former NANS leader, storm the place to support his own. The students who seemed happy to see Sowore at their protest, cheered him and allowed him to address them.

Sowore hailed the students in their slogans as he started his support talk. He said he has been saying it that when Nigerian students are willing to end this strike it will end. He encourage the students to shut down the country until the government is brought back to their senses. He said he walked all the way from Oshodi to the Airport for this cause and not for political reasons.

I am a comrade and I remain a comrade forever, anything you need from us, let us know, but this is your struggle - Sowore said.

Nigerian students delivered independence to Nigeria in 1960, after this, they hijacked it and started using it against us. Nigerian students delivered the democracy we have today in in 1999, but when they flog people, it is the same us that they flog - Sowore said.

He also call others to join the struggle for this cause.