Chinenye ''The Lover Of Children" Painter

Chinenye Chisom is a
 Nigerian female painter you can't but admire for her focus to be a success. She hails from Anambra State In Nigeria. Her painting is really lovely, which has won her many admirers. albument had an Interview with her on her work. Enjoy It and share to Inspire someone.

Tell us about you?

I studied Education/fine and Applied Art at University of Nigeria,Nsukka. I started practicing Art at age 14. My painting are mostly of children; I believe every child deserves happiness, so am moved to Capture and paint happy children.

How has the journey been?

The journey have been exciting

You have got some great paintings, how do you imagine them out?

Actually am a realist artist, I capture any child I find interesting and paint, I also sometimes find interesting photographs on internet which I paint.

You seem to use Oil on canvas, don’t you use the pencil?

I use pencils only for commissioned pencil portraits.

What achievement(s) can you attribute to your Art career?

I have been an art teacher for about seven years now, am also a member of Female Artist Association of Nigeria (FEAAN) which have given me the opportunity to attend art fairs and expand my client base.

Any challenge?

I will love to be a full time artist but due to some other responsibilities, I haven't been able to achieve that - because Art is really with a lot of demand here in Nigeria.

Which of your work has brought you many likes or recognition?

My painting title 'contentment', it's the painting of 3 happy children, I got a lot of commissioned work afterwards and received a lot of social media attention.

Have you done any exhibition of yours?

Not yet

What should we be expecting from “Chinenye” in the near future?

I believe I will own a gallery soon, and also further my studies to obtain my PhD in Art Education.

For someone planning to start up like you, what would you advise, and what are the materials such a person be looking to start with?

Art is basically self expression, the best way to start your creative process is to take a step, just start creating, it's within you. The best material for a beginner artist is a good pencil and sketch pad.

Thanks for your time Chinenye; Album wishes you all the best.

Thank you!