Eni-Oban-Ke Shares Her Journey Moments


Lolade Adeleke is a gospel Music Minister, worship leader, song writer and recording artist. She has a commanding voice and a good interpretation of her lyrics. She is fondly called and known as EniObanKe.  She also released a
 single titled EniObanke which features one of RCCG finest - Bukola Bekes. The powerful song says Mercy has done it. In her native language it mean: Anu Ti Se. Her gentle smile is something you will also notice. She shares her Journey moments on her musical career and more with albument.

Hi Lolade Adeleke, tell us briefly about you apart from your music ministry?

Apart from my music ministry, LOLADE ADELEKE is a wife, a mother and a confidential secretary.

Tell us about your music ministry, when it started, how it started and the name EniObanKe?

The ministry started over two (2) decades. But professionally I released my debut album in 2008 Titled TRUE LOVE. I started in children’s choir at RCCG Abundant Life Parish, Abeokuta, where my dad served as the parish pastor then.

I got the name through divine inspiration after listening to a message about who I am in Christ. I am the one who the KING pampers.

What inspired your HIGHLIFE PRAISE MIX, is it for your recent Birthday celebration?

It was a spontaneous decision as it was laid in my spirit to release it early. It was also a form of thanksgiving for my birthday celebration.

Your shoots for pictures and video looks neat and predetermined. Your Fashion designer did an amazing job for you. And the green color was so obvious. Tell us about all that?

Thanks for the compliments.

The driving force is excellent and I love doing things in a unique way. I love creativity.

Your Voice is so Unique and different. Echoed, cracking but really nice. It came out well with the highlife mix. Is that the way your voice is?

Thank you for the compliments. Yes, that’s what makes my voice unique. I trust in originality and not copying.

Since you started, what has been your greatest achievement?

Hmmm, So far so good, GOD has been faithful to me. My greatest achievement is having my family and my ministry working well. God be praised.

Let us go to the Christian ministry, In spite of the high number of churches and gospel artistes, yet sin abound. Is it that ministers are not saying the right things, doing the right things or united, what is your take on this?

It is not particular to music ministry, the bible clearly states that the love of many will wax cold, but he that endures unto the end shall be saved. We have one assignment to carry out *deliberately*-and this is working out our salvation with fear and trembling.

The desperation to be known can also make people to compromise and discard what GOD has instructed them to do. Waiting is part of the criteria on this journey, may we receive the grace to WAIT on GOD. Though it is not easy!

In your view, are gospel artistes united or operate as one umbrella?

In my view, what inspires everyone differs. To those who are called, unity wouldn’t be an issue cos they are answerable to GOD! However, among the twelve disciples, there was a Judas Iscariot.

What else do you do apart from the music?

I make sure I do everything to support my husband.