The Kiss Of Death (Media Press Briefing/Interviews)

The KISS OF DEATH. A movie that will soon come on our screen - is based on a real life occurrence of a Lagos boy who went for his youth service in the northern part of the county and was lynched.

The young youth corper was serving in a secondary school where he was privilege to meet a female student who both became friends.

The young female student who has an aliment was in school on a certain day when she collapsed, fortunately, her friend - the male serving corper was on hand to rescue her by performing the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The young female student was revived but to the detriment of the young male corper. He did not know he was been watched by other students who thought the male corper was defiling their colleague.

The situation took a negative turn, as the students lynched the male corper.

Leke Akinrowo Of Riveting Integrated Entertainment Limited, got hold of the story and was moved to write the lines; which is what he is good at.

Though wrote the story lines down since 2020, support was not forth coming until optiva capital partners showed up.

Leke has put up a team of professionals to oversee the project. I think it is good to put out that he had to go over board by bringing Terry Machohan (production director) all the way from Ireland to put the rich touch into this movie.

Several movie titans based in Lagos and the northern part of the country were involved.